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Step 1 to Keeping In Touch is exactly that... keep in contact with someone. Here are few ideas of how to talk or send a communication that will make all the difference:

Receive something funny every day from

Visit the blog:

Sometimes helpful,
sometimes controversial...
never dull!


Pick up the Phone!

Emails are a little impersonal but a telephone call never is (even if you get voicemail). Here is a way of telephoning for FREE or at very little cost if you want to make it really count.. Find out how right here!
It's great not having to worry about how long you spend on a call!

Free E-Cards:

Send a free e-card and personalise it, with lots of choice; it's certainly much better that not doing anything. With over 20,000 ecards for 3,000 seasonal and everyday categories, you'll be spoiled for choice. You even get notified when your card is read!

Send a daily smile:

Sign up for a daily dose of humour, or just take a look at what's made others smile/laugh in the past.

The next step to Keeping In Touch is sending a present so that someone knows you are thinking of them.


Delicious chocolates, even with personalised messages delivered straight to the door (with or without flowers)..

Red Letter Days

For that really memorable gift, the one that will make a lifetime of memories...


Gifts Galore

Whether it's music, DVD, housewares, toys... (the list is endless), here's a way to have your gift delivered and gift wrapped. Find EXACTLY what you're looking for here:.

How about giving a FREE gift; it costs you nothing but makes the other person know you are thinking of them.

Share private web areas

This is an amazing product. Not only does it let you capture data but also lets you set up areas where you can share information with anyone YOU choose. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Reduce Gas and Electricity Costs

How about doing a great service to someone without Internet access (yes it does exist). Reduce their gas and electricity bills. You can, of course, also use this service yourself; the savings can be very impressive.

Keep YOUR System Updated for FREE

We can check your plugins and

Here are some ways to demonstrate (with hand in your wallet) that you care.

Personalised Photographs and more

Award-winning digital photo printing & personalised gifts and cards. Join for free and get 40 free prints & unlimited photo sharing & storage.




Wide Range of Personalised Gifts

Make your gift more personal by giving them one of our stunning Personalised Gifts, including our famous Personalised Calendars, Personalised Mugs and our brand new personalised cards.

Take someone on a short break, without breaking the bank. There are over 24,500 hotels to choose from and at VERY SPECIAL rates. 

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