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After much testing I have now found an effective way to not only have free telephone calls but to link this to your existing telephone system. In order to implement all or part of this solution, just follow these simple steps:

1. Bookmark this page - you will need to come back here (possibly frequently!)

2. Click on this link and download your FREE telephony solution (this is available for PC, Mac and Linux) and once you have done that, return to this page. Just so we're clear, the following are all absolutely free:


Skype-to-Skype calls

Transfer calls to people on Skype 

Video calls 

Instant messaging and group chats 

Conference calls with up to nine people 

Forward calls to people on Skype 

3. You are now able to make calls to anyone else, anywhere in the world, who is also using the system - after this you can add to the system to make it even more versatile and/or even easier to use and/or to save yourself money on all your other telephone calls. PLEASE use the links below to order your additional products not just now but also in the future):

These are all entirely OPTIONAL (click on any of them to be taken directly to the ordering page) - you may need to change the country at the top left of the page)

Headset - this makes it more comfortable to use your PC as a phone

Cordless and Wi-Fi Phones - integrate with your existing system!

Call phones and mobiles

Receive calls from phones and mobiles

Send and receive voicemails

To Go number

Forward calls to phones

Send SMS messages

Transfer calls to phones and mobiles


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